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  • Owner must be at least 62 years old
  • Condominius must be FHA approved
  • Must meet all FHA minimum property standards. Health & Safety issues cleared
  • Any debt on the home must be paid off before or through the proceeds of the loan
  • Borrower must live in the home as their primary residence
  • Borrower must not be delinquent on any Federal Debt
  • Borrower must receive HECM counceling from a HUD approved counseling agency
  • NO Trade Lines required
  • NO FICO required


  • Create an alternative source of income
  • Eliminate any “ Out of Pocket” monthly mortage payments
  • The borrower may remain in the home for as long as he wishes to
  • Title stays in the Borrower’s name
  • There is no Equity sharing with the lending bank which means the borrower gets full advantage of rising property value
  • Purchase a new primary residence without having to pay a monthly payment to repay the loan
  • Can be applied on Condos, SFR’s, 1-4 Units & PUDs
  • Available with Fixed and ARM Rate Types
  • For Purchase and Refinance

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